Work has begun to restore the integrity of the dam at Ocean Beach.  Repairs will fortify the south shoulder of the dam.  A previous restoration of the north shoulder took place in 2012.  Both projects were accomplished through donations to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.

If the dam failed, the water level of the lake could go down 2 to 4 feet.  In 1954, failure of the spillway led one expert to make an even worse prediction – a 7 foot loss of lake level.  Emergency repairs took place, and those repairs of the spillway appear to remain solid today.  The shoulders are also essential to the integrity of the dam.  That’s why the current project is so important.  

Bill Bendele, whom you saw in the video, is the contractor.  Recently, Flip Reynolds pitched in to clear the obstructions from the culvert that allows water to leave the dam spillway and travel down Goose Creek.  The culvert, that helps support the weight of traffic on the Ocean Beach roadbed, has suffered the effects of time and weather.  At some point, the County will be faced with a rebuild.  Below is a photo of the interior of the culvert.

Here are links that provide more information on this project. 

Dam Strong Means Strong Dam – The donors who made this project possible.  Plus view a video of comments from some of them on why this project is essential to the future of Clark Lake.

Dam Strong for Clark Lake – Includes video that gives depth on work to be done

Dam Strong Fund opens – Also view drawing of how the project will look when finished.