Luminary packages

Fully assemble on left; DIY on right

Luminaries lining the shores of Clark Lake make for a great show each July 4th.  The Raft-O-Rama committee crafts the luminaries and distributes them around the lake.  Lakefront owners then place the luminaries equidistant along their shore and light them at dusk on the Fourth.  And Clark Lake glows!

So to put this show on, what goes on behind the curtains?  As in most endeavors of this kind, it doesn’t happen on its own.  There is plenty of work involved.  The R-O-R committee must plan for this undertaking early in the season.  They acquire the raw material, package two versions of the luminaries, and then go door-to-door around the lake collecting donations and delivering the finished product to each household.

Luminaries lining the shores of Clark Lake.  Photo courtesy of Jill Bentley

Photo: Jill Bentley

The luminaries are constructed of small paper bags, with sand in the bottom to keep them stable. A small tea candle is then placed on top of the sand inside the bag.

When lit, they provide a warm glow that lasts well into the night.  The committee offers a DIY version that you assemble yourself ($10) or assembled version ($15).  In both cases, there are ten in each package.  Both varieties are available at Doyles Market on Hyde Road.

It’s the goal of the committee to line the entire Clark Lake shoreline with luminaries.

Check out the hardworking R-O-R volunteers on the assembly line in the Wilbee pole barn. (Click to enlarge photo; repeat to reduce.  Photos: Joe Collins)

Want to know more?  This note is included in each package.

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