Crab races McKay 2015 07-13

Linda Reynolds, Pam Moore, Carman and Dick Tallman discuss crabstratergy with Mike McKay.

Competition heated up once again at the Beach Bar for the Great American Crab Races.  This year, the races span Sunday, July 12 through Tuesday, July 14.  The best of the best face off Tuesday evening with the semi-finals at 9:10 pm and the finals at 9:40 pm.

In all it seems like another glorious year for both the crabs and the participants who hope their crab is the new American Pharaoh.  And indeed, each race starts with a bugle seemingly lifted from Churchill Downs.

In the photo to the left, some of the Crab Race volunteers discuss crabstrategy with Mike McKay.  Mike, with his company M-R Builders, has sponsored the Crab Races since their inception 24 years ago.  Mike has been a sponsor of it since “the first day,” and was part of the original committee.

Below are some scenes from Monday’s races.  First, Team Beach Bar in action.

Here’s another group who competed later Monday evening.

More scenes – to enlarge, click or tap photo; to reduce, repeat.

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