Garden Angels: Community Center

Clark Lake Community Center

Columbia Township and Jackson County aim to improve the Jackson County Park at the east end of Clark Lake. With taxpayer funds from both entities being applied to the project, it’s hoped that more people will be attracted to Clark Lake to use the park.

Today several individuals gathered at the park to discuss its future with Cit Pat reporter Will Forgrave. From Columbia Township were Treasurer John Calhoun and Supervisor Bob Elrod; Jackson County Parks, Director Scott Robbins; Clark Lake Community Center, President John Karkheck, and board members Walter Reed and John Deming. Also present was Kaye Phillips who had donated the services of his company, KCI Landscaping, to remove some trees on the property. You can read Will Forgrave’s account on MLive. Look for the item titled “Clark Lake Park.”

The Clark Lake Community Center leases the land for its building from Jackson County.

Also the right parlor, but facing the front.  Photo from Nov 2013

Inside the Community Center. Christmas season 2013

It’s the goal of the Community Center to make the facility available for a wide range of events—meetings, weddings, other celebrations and memorial services. Right now, the Community Center is restricted to the paved area around the building for its functions, but the Center goes well beyond that perimeter in maintaining the entire north section of the park. In time the Community Center hopes to increase the space that it can use for civic functions. The Clark Lake Community Center is a non-profit organization. The Community Center maintains the building (the former Graziani cottage on Kentucky Point) through donations, fund-raising activities and rentals.