As cold winds sweep across the lake, it’s important to remember that this, too, will change.  There will be a warm August weekend when competition will add to the heat.  Runners will lace up, sprint and perspire to cross the Run Clark Lake finish line.  The next day, teams will display their cleverly decorated rafts around the lake to win Raft-O-Rama. 

The big weekend is the first one in August.  And how days, minutes and seconds until Raft-O-Rama?  You can check this on this website in two places—scroll to the bottom of the main page or go to the Raft-O-Rama page on this site. 

Reassuring, isn’t it?  Raft-O-Rama will happen again, hopefully under the warmth of the sun.  You can be in it or watch it by boat or on shore. 

The theme for 2019’s Raft-O-Rama will be VIDEO GAMES.  If you think that limits choices to Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft, consider this.  Nearly every board game you can think of has a video version, even the old standbys like checkers. But of course, some current day innovations are sure to be represented as rafts take to the lake on Sunday, August 4th.

Need some motivation to be ready for the Run?  Check out this video.