Consumers Energy has replaced electric and gas meters in the Clark Lake area with new “smart meters.”  The new meters send a text message between midnight and 3 am to CE each day.  The text message tells CE how much gas and electric you used during the previous day.  That information should be available to you through Consumers’ website as well.  “This ends the need for estimated bills,” comments Consumers Energy’s Kathryn Burkholder. “You should always know where your usage stands.”

Will this cost you more?  Burkholder says “the meter technology is accurate. The manufacturer tests 100% of the meters for accuracy before they are shipped, and we also perform sample lot testing on each shipment.” 

What if your bill is higher?  “In almost every instance, a perceived higher bill is the result of a series of low estimated bills or a change in weather. When we install the new meter, a customer may get their first actual reading in months, generating a higher catch up bill.”

Consumers recommends calling their customer care center at 800-477-5050 with questions about your bill.