The Clark Lake Community Center plans to build a pavilion immediately adjacent to the west side of their building in the County Park.  The Community Center relies on income from rentals to maintain the historic building.  With the expanded space, they hope to garner more money from event rentals.  The plans call for a 40 x 42 foot structure, similar to the footprint of the house.  The interior height would be 10 feet, with a roof peek at 20 feet. The space would allow for outdoor wedding receptions, bridal showers, life celebrations, graduation parties, and other events like it.  It would be a place for ceremonies, food to be served and bands to set up.  John Deming, treasurer, says an effort will be made to replicate on the new structure some of the architectural elements of the house such as the siding and some other embellishments.

Cost of the new pavilion is estimated to be $130,000.  A private donor has indicated a willingness to fund $100,000 of that amount and would have naming or dedication rights.  The remaining $30,000 would come from Jackson County Parks.  

An agreement with the County has not yet been reached.  But discussion so far involves the County taking ownership of both the new pavilion and the Community Center building itself.  The County would be responsible for maintaining the pavilion.  The Community Center board would continue to have control over rentals, and use that revenue to pay for repairs to the house. 

Groundbreaking is not expected soon as details remain to be worked out.  Among them would be a 100-year agreement with the County, design and construction issues with the proposed builder, and various permits that may be required. John Deming comments, “In an effort to solidify our ability to operate the Community Center, we’re attempting to enter into an agreement that sets the stage for many years to come.  As it is, we don’t own the property where the building is located.  This arrangement would eliminate the annual fee we pay the County and reduce our operating expenses by about 50%.”

The Community Center, a non-profit, is undertaking this project.  The Clark Lake Community Center is separate from the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, which publishes this website and operates for the benefit of other lake organizations.