Like his family, Cody King has had a strong, life long connection to Clark Lake.  He grew up here, skied with friends, competed in Raft-O-Rama, part-timed at Eagle Point Marina while in school, graduated from University of Michigan, and most recently worked at Corrigan Oil.  

When you’re young, talented and at the beginning of your career, it is a thrill when that great new opportunity comes knocking on your door.  That’s what happened to Cody.  He was recently offered and has accepted a position at, a start up dealing with mortgages. His new work will take him to New York City, and he’ll live in lower Manhattan.  Can you fathom how different that will be?  Blame LinkedIn.

Cody King with mom, Cara, and sister, Caroline

This evening (Saturday), his mother, Cara, hosted a gathering for him at her home on Eagle Point Road, located next door to someone most people know for her love of horses, Jill-on-the-Hill (Jill Bentley).  It was a bittersweet moment for friends and neighbors who gathered to wish Cody well.  The fireplace warmed the gathering and a cozy ambience filled the room. 

Cody is not the first person to face the “career vs Clark Lake” dilemma.  Some opportunities demand moving.  For those of us who have dealt with this quandary, it’s heartwarming to know that the lake will be here, and so are the people who know and love you. You may move from Clark Lake, but once it’s part of your DNA, you can never truly leave it.  This has been proven time and again.

The Kings have enjoyed Clark Lake from several views–the North Shore, South Woodlands, Q Lane, and now Eagle Point.