A Code Red storm blew through Michigan and Clark Lake yesterday evening (Thurs 8/25) as the 10 pm hour approached.  The Code Red message arrived at 9:37 pm.  Tree branches are down and power is out for a wide swath of the state.  (Scroll down for two Clark Lake photos).  Several smaller sections of Clark lake were affected as you can see in the Consumers Energy outage map from about 8:45 am this morning. You can bring up the outage map by clicking here.  Once at the map, click an outage area for Consumers’ prediction as to when restoration could take place.  In the past, those estimates usually varied widely to what actually happened.

As of 8:45 am, some generator hum could be heard bouncing across the lake.


Consumers says they have “started the work to restore power to more than 200,000 homes and businesses affected by a fierce storm Thursday night that delivered up to 75 mph winds from Grand Rapids through Southeast Michigan.”   As you can see, local areas east of Clark Lake, such as Lake Columbia and Brooklyn, were hit harder.  The map below shows power outages, indicating areas where the storm created the most havoc.

Sandy Beach Drive is blocked as 5:25 pm, Friday, Aug 25.  Utility lines are ensnared.

Lakeview East is passable, but utility lines are still down, also 5:25 pm, Friday.