Those who have spent time at Clark Lake know this about our lake.  It has many moods.  Bill Leutz captured some of the varied moods over the last half of December. These photos show, according to Bill, how the lake’s “beauty may change, but is always present.”


This first view, from December 13th, shows the sunset over Pierce’s Bay. It illustrates how far south the sun has moved. 



These two photos view the lake from the same spot–through the spruce trees in Bill’s front yard. The first is of a beautiful day on the 19th, and immediately above is a photo taken at about noon on Christmas day.


Here you can see the lake shortly before sunset on the 26th.  The clouds are clearing as the cold front began to arrive. That night winds gusted to around 35 mph as the front dramatically presented itself. 


This final view is from yesterday, December 28th.  Under sunshine from above, it shows the lake completely cleared of snow, revealing the ice underneath.  The perspective is in the direction of  Pleasant View along the Eagle Point shoreline (west end).  To the far right, you can see the marina’s gas dock.