It happens most Sundays during the season.  At 7:30 pm there is a marked cessation of activity on the lake.  If noisy, the lake is suddenly quiet.  If busy with boats, the last waves from them wash to shore.  Those who spent the weekend boating, swimming, on the Spirit Trail or just relaxing are returning from whence they came.  After all, it is just a few short hours before the new week begins, and not everyone can spend it at the lake.  As a result, there were some empty seats available for the sunset tonight.  So please choose your favorite color, and enjoy tonight’s show, no matter where you are.

As the sun headed for the horizon it was so bright you could not look at it.  The best viewing position was to look away to the east and take in the golden glow it projected on trees, boats, and cottages.  Next the sun began to slip behind a bank of clouds, and this was the result.

But that wasn’t the end of the show. 

Once again a direct view of the sun emerged.  It seemed very near–as if you could draw a smiley face on it.

Once the sun slipped behind the trees at the head-of-the-lake, the afterglow illuminated the northwestern sky.

A few minutes later, and a close up revealed this.

A few cottages to the north, Bill Leutz was standing in the water, noting something else–the images the sunset created on the water and sandy bottom close to the shoreline.

Finally, the afterglow brought out shades of pink, purple, and blue against swirls of gold.