Columbia Central High School Band leading the parade

According to the Lions Club’s Walter Reed, it’s “the biggest little parade at Clark Lake.”  It aims to honor those who gave their life in defense of our country, acknowledge America’s freedom and celebrate our heritage.  Every Memorial Day Monday, a crowd gathers to watch the procession at the head of the lake.

The parade forms at the community education center (former school) on North Lake, turns south on Hyde, passes by the crowd near the boat launch and then, at the Township Park, circles back to the Clark Lake Cemetery for a salute to and prayer for the fallen.

The Clark Lake Lions Club sponsors the event and has secured the participation of the Columbia Central High School Band and the Napoleon Band.  Kids on bikes, a painted horse, a team of horses, an antique car, golf carts and anyone else who cares to join become part of the parade.

The kids brought some sunshine to an otherwise cloudy morning.

In spite of a few sprinkles and cloudy skies, the parade was well attended.  It was also a chance for people to spend some time catching up with the latest from neighbors.  Below are some scenes along the parade route.  Then continue to scroll down through the last video (Columbia Central High School Band).  Click or tap any image for full size; repeat, to reduce.

The Napoleon Band played the songs of the United States Armed Services as they moved along the parade route.

Walter Reed spoke of the fallen at the Clark Lake Cemetery.

At the conclusion of the speech, taps was played–first at the front of the cemetery, then an “echo” farther back.

Once the ceremony concluded at the cemetery, the Columbia High School Band played America in front of the Clark Lake Community Church.