RoR gang

The Raft-O-Rama Gang hard at work in the luminary factory

luminary factory

The luminary bags are ready to be delivered

The glow grows every 4th of July.  Luminaries line the shores of Clark Lake, lighted at dusk, to celebrate our nation’s independence–and a night of great fun ahead at Clark Lake.  The number of participants increases every year, and the Raft-O-Rama committee is helping making it happen.  Once again they are providing, for a small donation, luminaries for your use.  The luminaries are available two ways–in a reusable bag already assembled ($15) or the raw materials without the bag ($10).  Each kit contains 10 luminaries to place along your shoreline.  The committee won’t rest until everyone has a chance to participate.  They plan to visit lakefront homes between now and July 4th.  Or you can acquire yours at Doyles at the head-of-the-lake.