It was a first.  On this wintry Sunday afternoon, Clark Lakers filled the Beach Bar’s activity room.  The purpose was to glaze clay pieces of the “Welcome to Clark Lake” sign that you’ll see in the spring on North Lake Road not far from the County Park.  Each piece of the mural must be coated with glaze, and many of them were getting that treatment between 2 pm and 4 pm this afternoon.  Once the glazing is completed they will be high-fired and placed on the sign.  The sign is already in place, but without the colorful clay pieces. Annette Fink explains in this short video. 

Here are some of the glazers, who paused from their work for a minute, to take part in this photo op. 


The Beach Bar donated a portion of this afternoon’s proceeds to the project.

To learn more about how you can help the Sign Up for the Sign project, please continue.

The creator of this engaging display is Annette Fink.  She and her team are volunteering their time to make a reality of this work of art.  Annette is also contributing the raw materials necessary to implement the design.  But there will be third party expenses.  They include the costs associated with a large studio for several months where the clay pieces will be crafted and fired.  When spring arrives, there will be additional expenses involved in hiring a professional to attach the mosaics to the surface of the sign.  

The Spirit Trial Committee is conducting a fundraiser to support this activity. Future Trail improvements and extensions are at risk without your help.  

Will you Sign Up for the Sign? 

Those who donate $1000 or more will have their name (or name(s) of their choice) engraved on a 6 x 8 plaque that will be attached to the Spirit Trail side of the sign.  Corporate logos are also welcome for each donation of $2500.

New donors will join the names of those who have already made $1000 donations.  Those donors were recognized on the Jefferson Road section of the Trail.  Unfortunately, the names have eroded and are no longer visible.  That won’t happen with this new sign.  Both the Welcome to Clark Lake on the North Lake Road side and the names of donors on Spirit Trail facing will stand guard for eons.  The sign and names of donors will serve as a testament to future generations of what Clark Lake means to this generation.  

Names of donors will also be recognized on a dedicated page of this website.  In addition to the $1000 donors, donors of any size will be gratefully included on this special website page.

What happens if donations exceed the amount needed to cover the building of the sign?  These fund are needed.  A yet to be announced project is looming, and its implementation will encounter significant costs.

Projects at Clark Lake bear a special character.  The building of the Spirit Trail, moving the Kentucky Homestead down the lake or support of Dam Strong and Garden Angels speak volumes.  They are shining examples of this—more than what happened, what’s remarkable is how they happened.  No government edict or taxpayer funding manifested itself.  These projects got done because the people of Clark Lake joined together hand-in-hand.  Creativity fueled visions, goals were set, committees organized, funds were raised, and caring volunteers overcame obstacles and accomplished the mission.    What can be learned from Clark Lake history is this:  when there is need, the means to meet it comes to pass.   Would you like to join the many generous people of Clark Lake in support of this project? 

Donations are tax advantaged through the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation (501c3), and can be made by credit card through this website, or by mail at PO Box 224, Clarklake, MI 49234.  When making a $1000 Sign Up for the Sign donation, please mail content for the 6 x 8 plaque to the post office address.  You can also contact co-chairs Tucker Boyers or Ann Swain at

In this video, Annette goes into depth on the sign’s construction.