Clark Lake inspires creativity, and kids deliver the evidence.  Two recent examples illustrate just how this happens. Both of these came about while visiting grandparents.

During this 4th of July week, Emma Gehan is staying with grandparents Mike and Nancy Ligibel at their Pierces Bay cottage. She is there with her mom and dad, Jennifer and James, and family.  As you will see, nine-year old Emma has a way with words.

Watching the day begin inspired Emma to write this poem entitled Clark Lake.

The darkness of the sky lightens as the sun begins to rise.
The lake’s water is as smooth as glass that reflects the lightness like it’s coming to life.
It is still, nothing disturbs it, like it’s sleeping and waking quietly.
The only movement are the ducks.
They swim through the water, slicing through making small waves that lap against sea walls quietly.
You can see the mud on the bottom of the lake resting softly.
The sun is beginning to rise and it looks like a fresh yellow yolk raising itself above the sleeping waters like it’s saying “get up get up morning is here”.
The lake is still, the lake is calm, the lake is silent, the lake is waking.

Emma with her mom, Jennifer

For Dorrie June, the medium is canvas, and it’s the colors of the rainbow which beckon her.  Dorrie, who just turned 14, spent this holiday week with her grandparents, Ron and Beth June, at their place on Lakeview West.  Taking in the view inspired her to paint what she saw from the June’s front yard.

Beth says “whenever it’s time for a gift, Dorrie is easy to shop for—a gift card from Michael’s is always a winner.”