Photo by Annette Fink

An event like last night’s Blue Moon was a shared experience no matter how or where you saw it.  For some at Clark Lake the sharing experience was deeper, especially when you consider where it happened.  A group of mostly ladies paddled to Eagle Point, where the depth is 20+ feet, to watch the Blue Moon rise.  Kayaks and paddleboards were adorned with LEDS, creating an engaging sight for those observing from the shore.

The weather cooperated.   With a hint of fall in the air, skies were clear as the Blue Moon rose to the east.

So, who watched the moon from this Clark Lake vantage?   No nametags, but these voices drifted to shore – Josie Hones, Beck Hones, Michele Ambs, Kathy Hendges, Susie Knoll, Mary Miller, Shari Walicki, Annette Fink, Dan and Lynne Morea.

Interestingly, some of the group took cellphone pics while standing.  That took some courage considering the consequence of making one false move.  Click for an explanation, and note when it was published.

Photo by Annette Fink….smile by Lynne Morea

Why did this moonrise get widespread attention?  According to, “not only [was] it a full moon, but [it was] also a Blue Moon, which means it’s the third full moon in a season that has four full moons, according to NASA.   A more popular definition is that a Blue Moon refers to the second full moon within a single calendar month, which is the case with this moon.”

Photo by Annette Fink

Cameras were out at other Clark Lake locations, too.  Diane Deming combined two photos so both the tree branches in the foreground and the moon were in focus.