Today’s race (Sunday) was very different from Saturday’s.  The brisk winds and sudden gusts of yesterday morphed into very different conditions today.  In fact, the first race at 10 am was delayed to allow for winds to pick up.  Nature cooperated.  Instead of broken masts, capsizing, and a few moments of chaos, the two races went smoothly with only one known collision.

With less wind, spinnakers unfurled on the boats that were equipped with them.  That added color as those boats sailed before the wind.

The first place winners:  Wayfayer – Al Schonborn and crew Shannon Donkin, Buccaneer – Larry Schmida and crew Scott Dowling; Rebel – Dave Nickels and crew John Ringwelski, Laser – Joshua Lowry.  Below photos of the winners

Al Schonborn and crew Shannon Donkin

Wayfarer victors Al Schonborn and Shannon Donkin

Crew Scott Dowling and Larry Schmida

Buccaneer victors Larry Schmida and Scott Dowling

Crew John Ringwelski and Dave Nickels

Rebel victors Dave Nickels and John Ringwelski

Laser victor Joshua Lowry

Next, please enjoy the slide show from Saturday’s race.

Below are two sets of photos. First view the competitors in Saturday’s race.  For best results click on the first photo.  Then move your mouse to the right side of the photo and click on the arrow to advance to the next picture.

As previously mentioned, Sunday’s race posed a different challenge than Saturday’s.  Winds were light and variable (although most people who sail Clark Lake will tell you that winds are always “variable”).  So competitors had to take advantage of every bit of wind that came to them. Below is a sampling of what the race looked like as 22 competitors rose to the challenge.