The first of this two day event can only be described as “wild.”  Winds approaching 20 mph with gusts higher challenged the 24 sailboats competing in this annual event.  And there were casualties.  Masts snapped on two boats, ten boats capsized and one boat almost sank.  Collisions are typical of most races and one resident reported hearing them onshore. For the boats, it’s sort of like trying to debate Donald Trump.  Bumps are inevitable.  But the sailors came through just fine. Because of conditions, the third race for today was cancelled.  Two races are planned for tomorrow with the first one beginning at 10 am.

Leading the Regatta so far in the Wayfarer class is Al Schonborn; Buccaneers, Larry Schmida; Rebels, Kevin Nickels; and Lasers, Joshua Lowry.  Photos of their boats are below.  Then check out a slide show, and finally even more photos of today’s race.

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Al Schonborn leads the Wayfarer class

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Larry Schmeda is a Buccanneer national champion. He leads that class.

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Kevin Nickels leads the Rebels

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Justin Lowry leads the Lasers

Now sit back, relax and watch the show.  There are 11 photos followed by even more.

To view the photos below, click on the first one.  Then run your mouse over the ride side of the photo and find the arrow. To move to the next photo, click on it.


Some of the participants before today’s races


Fritz Marin, race official, and Frank Hones, commodore, at the pre-race skipper’s meeting