As peak viewing time arrived at 2:25 pm, rafts gathered on the lake to check out the eclipse.  According to, our area saw the 85% version.  And for those expecting darkness to descend, it didn’t happen. With just 15% of the sun’s rays making it through, Clark Lake was surprisingly bright. A normal cloudy day would provide about the same amount of light.  Still, the act of viewing the event through safely darkened glasses or through a pin-hole in a Rice Krispies box provided an impressive astronomical moment. Ann Swain snapped a photo of the sun being blocked by the moon (below).  And, of course, at Clark Lake not much of an excuse is needed to hop on the the raft with friends and enjoy the sunshine on our glimmering waters.

While Clark Lake viewed the eclipse, they were entertained by Andrew Lajdziak putting on one of his amazing performances.