The last Halloween party at the Beach Bar that anyone could remember was at least 18 years ago.  But when the Beach Bar decided it was time to reignite the tradition, Clark Lake was on fire with the idea. The costumes were creative and there was the fun that 49234 is known for.

There are lots of photos, so stay with this page for a few minutes and relive the night.  There are two slide shows; it may take a few seconds for them to load.

Hard to believe but Cedar Point’s Blue Streak showed up at Clark Lake!

Does something about the Blue Streak remind you of Raft-o-Rama??

And of course the ever popular Conga line.


And there was no end to creativity!  Watch the slides.  Then scroll down for more photos.

Check out the rest of the crew!  For best results, click on the first photo to enlarge it.  Then move your mouse over the right side of the photo until an arrow appears.  Click on the arrow to move to the next picture.