Friday evening, six sky divers swooped down over Clark Lake to splash into the waters in front of the Eagle’s Nest.  One after another, members of Sky Dive Tecumseh leapt from a two engine plane at 6000 feet creating a spectacle that viewers won’t soon forget.  Their downward descent at upwards of 70 miles per hour was watched and cheered by those at the restaurant and rafts out in the lake surrounding the Eagle Point target area.

It’s clear that sky diving is not a passive endeavor of jumping and landing.  Once the diver pulls the ripcord, he or she guides the descent to a specific location.  At Clark Lake last evening, the target was a large inflatable swan.  Are they good at it?  Check out the precision of two of the sky divers in this video.

During the jump, a team member was standing by on a jet ski.  Here two divers head toward the inflatable.


This diver is in the water at the dock, managing his parachute.


Here are Sky Dive Tecumseh team members on the Marina dock after the event.


The event was arranged by the manager of the Eagle’s Nest, Jorge Orzoco.