Over many years, artists have rendered their view of Clark Lake through various media—murals, oil and water color, and photography.  A new representation of Clark Lake is about to happen.  And this one could be the largest yet.

By now, you have likely noticed the initial stages of the Spirit Trail’s Donor Wall on the North Lake curve between Grand Boulevard and Rita. Plaques with the names of donors who have contributed at least $1000 will be mounted on the side facing the Trail.  These plaques replace the acknowledgments etched in concrete on the Jefferson Road that have faded away.  What to do with the side facing the road?  It turns out it’s an opportunity to showcase the Clark Lake community.  The Spirit Trail Committee has pondered how to do that. Through that process, the Committee found within our midst someone who is able and willing to illustrate the lake in a dramatic, but pleasing, way.  

Annette Fink, on Lakeview West, is an artist who is expert at producing murals using high-fired clay.  With the help of others she has created one in Toledo that has won much praise (scroll down for photo).  What’s ahead for Clark Lake?  This sign will be a welcome to our community, full of the colors and images that represent it. This is a rough sketch of what is to follow.

Because of the quality of the materials and how they are processed, this sign will last for decades.  It will be a testament to a community that is united by the love of Clark Lake. 

Annette will guide the work of eleven volunteers to make the sign, and donate much of the materials.  There will be third party expenses.  Construction will require the use of a large studio.  Mounting the clay pieces will require employing an expert tiler.  When it comes to supporting things that matter, the Clark Lake community has been generous.  The Spirit Trail Committee will create a fundraiser to mitigate those expenses.  Donations will be tax-free through the auspices of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, a 501c3. 

The project will involve many hands and many hours of volunteer work.  It’s expected that the project will get underway soon.  When spring weather cooperates, installing the tiles on the sign surface will take place.    

Below is Annette in front of her work in Toledo.