Starting in July, quarterly Clark Lake sewer rates will rise from $157.23 to $234, an increase of 49%.  The increase supports the replacing of grinders.  Each property that has sewer service has one of these.  Given the age of the system, replacements will become increasingly necessary.  Columbia Township calls it the “critical grinder pump replacement program.”

Those in the Lake Columbia and Vineyard Lake systems also face an increase.  Lake Columbia will go from $142.23 per quarter to $168.  Vineyard Lake will rise from $180 per quarter to $207.  These rate increases are to “maintain and plan for future replacement of pumps.  

Below is a letter that sewer district property owners will receive.

Below is a monthly breakout of costs.  Unlike Clark Lake and Lake Columbia, Vineyard Lake has a debt service fee which is added to their $57.80 charge.

At the most recent meeting, Township trustees considered the purchase of two different kinds of grinder pumps.  They chose the Environment One Extreme Series and received a price break and an added year of warranty on each unit ordered.  At present, the supply of replacement pumps is low, so there was urgency to make additional purchases.

Although there was considerable discussion about the purchase, the vote was unanimous to go through with it.