Some people were born into the Clark Lake experience;  for others it was a destination.  Stories of why people stay here, why they returned after leaving, or how Clark Lake became an aspiration reveal something of the seductiveness of this magical place.    

Tom and Ellen Wietecha  found Clark Lake 14 years ago, and their story illustrates Clark Lake’s draw.  Living in Bloomfield Hills, Ellen could not get the lake experience out of her mind.  She remembered her father’s place on Eagle Lake near Paw Paw–the sandy bottom, the clean clear water.  Wanting that setting for husband and her two sons, Nick and Brett, she mounted a quest.  Find the perfect lake.  So began her research.  Along the way she investigated Wamplers, Devils, and several other area lakes.  What she really wanted was a spring fed lake, one with crystal clear water, one with a special feel to it.  Ellen found those attributes in Clark Lake.  She spoke to a real estate agent about Clark Lake.  What she heard was disconcerting.  “Buying at Clark Lake is a challenge.  Places change hands quietly from one generation to the next, or sales happen without ever being public.”  But Ellen pursued her objective.  When a place on the north shore became available, she pounced—and succeeded.

As a getaway, the old cottage served its purpose.  But with each succeeding year, its viability became more doubtful.  What if they wanted to make it a full residence?  Jacks installed in 1945 served as part of the foundation. It could not successfully be winterized.  In summary, its bones were old and tired.  It was time for a renewal. 

Those going by the North Shore address have likely noticed the M-R Builder sign.  The new house is centered on two lots.  “Not a big place,” says Ellen, “but perfect for Tom and me to live full time, and for our kids to visit.”  To establish continuity with the past, they have saved some pieces from the old cottage.  They are looking for ways to use the French doors, some of the old windows, and upstairs partitions.     

Bloomfield Hills was home for 18 years.  “When we put it up for sale, it sold more quickly than expected.”  Currently, Tom and Ellen are living in the finished upstairs space over their large garage, and watch the work day-by-day.  Ellen adds “we love being at Clark Lake…people are exceptionally friendly and we’re so glad that life brought us here.”

The foundation for the house has been set.  So that you can watch the progress, the Spirit Cam will be focused on the location from time to time.  Go to the main page or click the photo below.  Once at the main page, scroll to the Spirit Cam live stream.