Eagle Point neighbors gathered yesterday not only to celebrate the season, but as it turned out, to recognize a special occasion.  Sunday, Cody King proposed to Jackie Byron, and it happened in a place that had become meaningful to both of them.  Cody and Jackie enjoyed Jill Bentley’s horses and being in the pasture around them.  It was in one of those pastures that Cody proposed, and the two became engaged.

Cody and Jackie

Cody, from Clark Lake, and Jackie, from Brooklyn met a social gathering six years ago at Western Michigan University.  There is some irony to that.  Jackie is a MSU grad, and Cody, Michigan.  Meeting on neutral ground was not planned, but just how it happened. Yet it would be interesting to know what goes on between the two on certain game days. 

After the holidays, Cody and Jackie will return to Brooklyn—not the one 5 miles from Clark Lake, but rather the one in New York. 

Cara King’s holiday celebration was also an opportunity to congratulate the newly engaged couple, and you can see that all enjoyed doing so at this December party.