Clark Lake always has something going on, whether it be natural encounters, fun on the lake, or changes to our infrastructure.  One of the definitions of the word potpourri is a mixture of things.  Below is Clark Lake’s mixture over the last few days, as spring takes center stage.  Added is a dash of the past.

As you can see, the new season is taking center stage.

Some oaks stubbornly hold onto last year’s leaves.  The new buds will push out the old leaves, but only when they are ready.

During the week, an excavator smoothed out Hayes Drive, filling in the crevices. 

But rain Saturday night into overnight Sunday erased some of the progress.

A work crew laid crushed asphalt around the Eagle Point lift station. The area is adjacent to the swamp, and the ground is soft.  So, to support trucks, asphalt trumped grass.

It’s not unusual to see people on the lake.  But it’s early, and these trailblazers are leading the way.

Fun is a definite part of the Clark Lake experience.  And it wasn’t discovered yesterday.  Enjoying the lake has taken various forms over the eons.    

Some fun will forever remain the same.