Clark Lake was on display on Saturday as part of the Irish Hills Lake & Home Tour.  Clark Lake was one of seven featured in the area as part of this Irish Hills Chamber of Commerce event.  

Guests of the Brokerage House gathered at the Eagle’s Nest.  From the marina dock, they boarded a raft and toured the lake.  The Brokerage House’s Jenifer Scanlon says the turnout was strong “we toured the lake nine times with 8 to 12 people on the raft for each trip.


So what was the reaction?  Jenifer says those who tour Clark Lake for the first time are in awe.  “The experience of viewing homes from the water is quite different from seeing them from the road—the view from the lake gives the best curb appeal.”  

Five lakefront houses are for sale right now which doesn’t always happen at Clark Lake.  Those homes are on Pennsylvania, Woodward, North Shore, Oakwood, and Sandy Beach.  On the day of the tour, two of them, North Shore and Woodward, had open houses. 

People who take the tour are curious about lake life.  Jenifer says not all of them will be buy a home.  But on the tour they do see an opportunity to “put feet in the water.” The Clark Lake Yacht Club and Beach and Boat Club catch the interest of some.   

Christoff and Sons Floor Covering was the title sponsor.  Their booth added to the splash of color at the Eagle’s Nest.  Live music on the Band Raft, an Eagle’s Nest buffet of appetizers, and other activities made the wait to board the tour worthwhile and entertaining. 

Of the lake’s toured, which one was the best?  “Clark Lake, of course,” says Jenifer.