When and how does something become iconic?  At Clark Lake it can be a building, neighborhood, object, a spot out in the lake, or a sign.  Recently there was an upgrade to a sign that is reaching iconic status–the Lakeview Drive sign at Jefferson Road.  And of course, the sign in question is on Lakeview West, not Lakeview East near Ocean Beach Road.

Lakeview West sign

Brooke, Alex, Caden & Kelli Bercik

This Lakeview sign is a survivor.  Some Clark Lakers recall that several neighborhoods displayed signs showing resident’s names and street numbers, but they are now gone.  So when Kelli (Volk) Bercik noticed this chapter from the past was not in good repair, she went in to action.  Knowing her Pierces Bay neighbors would be interested, she went door to door up and down Lakeview.  Many contributed to defraying the expected expenses.

First step was to replace the metal on which names are placed.  Tucker Boyers contributed the cold press steel and delivered it. Then came the painting.  Kelli’s kids were involved–Alex, Brooke and Caden. Hardware was purchased and the sign was returned to its traditional place at Lakeview West and Jefferson Road.


The old sign will be preserved according Kelli.  It sits in the Volk’s pole barn.  As you can see, it has had several re-dos and goes way back.  Once before Kelli herself refabricated it; and another time, George Kellogg.  It also appears that Sandy Beach homes were included at one time.


As it turned out, neighbors were generous.  After covering the expenses, there was money leftover that is being contributed to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.