It won’t be long before we celebrate the end of 2020.  Perhaps 2021 will bring better tidings.  As the year unfolds, a new calendar reveals a Clark Lake photo each month.

Stacy Harrison has taken many photos of the lake, and she has assembled memorable ones for the 2021 Raft-O-Rama fund raising calendar.  The calendar also points to Raft-O-Rama’s 60th anniversary.  The calendar is now available at Doyle’s Market for a $10 donation.  

Helen Newman

Stacy’s family has a long history at Clark Lake, and you may find some familiar names among them.  Her great-grandmother, Helen Newman, lived in the small stucco cottage at Eagle Point in the days before Clark Lake was homesteaded year-round.   Today the dwelling, below, is a Huff rental, now called “Boat House” and formerly known as a Dunigan cottage. 

Stacey’s uncle is Chuckie Newman who owned the Eagles Nest.  Woodie and Betty Newman lived in the South Woodlands.  Woodie owned the Brass Rail on Prospect in Jackson.  Woody and Betty’s cottage is now home to Stacy and her daughter, Pearl.  That makes Pearl 5th generation at Clark Lake.  

This cottage was once the home of Helen Newman.

Note:  Stacy funded 100 copies of the calendar and is donating the total proceeds from the sales to ROR.