Plans are underway for the fourth annual Clark Lake Cup.  This hockey match features a battle of monumental proportions–the east end (Almeda Court) vs the west end (Eagle Point or Narrows).  Last year the game was held under the lights at the east end.  The location alternates each year.  So for 2022, the action takes place at the west end, and will begin at 3 pm on Saturday, February 5th.  You’ll find the rink just south the Eagle Point Marina dock. 

In 2021, the visiting team, the west end’s Eagle Point, won the match.  That victory occurred after the east end’s Almeda Court took the honors In 2019 and 2020.  All the commotion shows how geographic bifurcation can actually be fun, as you can see in this video from last year.

Last year, the temperature at game time was 14 degrees.  The cold did not deter the players nor the fans in the stands.

Players will once again play a competitive game, looking for the win.  Here are some action shots from 2021.

Eagle’s Nest owner Blair Huff welcomes participants and spectators to park at the Point.  And the doors of the Eagle’s Nest will be open before and after the game with a full menu of food and drinks.  Blair is pictured below.