Clark Lake was showing its winter side–cold but perfect for the Clark Lake Cup.  This is the third time West end (the Narrows or Eagle Point) and East end (Almeda Court) suited up for the annual hockey match.  The event got underway about 5:30 pm Saturday, February 6th.  Almeda Court, at the east end, was the host.  The first puck of the game dropped under dim sunlight.  As the sunset, the lights popped on and illuminated the on-the-lake rink.  Fans and participants gathered around the action, and also a fire that was built on the ice.  Given the current thickness, the ice held up in spite of the flames that warmed it. 

Almeda Court won in 2019 and 2020.  This year belonged to the Narrows.  Check it out in this highlight video.

Fans and participants enjoyed the evening in spite of the cold–about 14 degrees.  It was good fortune that the wind of the last couple days did not find this area of the lake.  Here are some  smiling faces who came out to play or watch.


Now some action shots from the game. 

Photos and videos: Rick Belcher