Since the Graziani cottage was floated down the lake from Kentucky Point to the County Park, many have enjoyed use of it in various ways.  Clark Lakers have hosted birthday parties, weddings and wedding receptions, graduation salutes, life celebrations, and other kinds of gatherings.  This great venue whisks you back to the era when the lakeshore consisted only of original cottages, designed for summer use only.  Unlike its early days, today the Center has present day amenities—air conditioning, heat, and facilities.  

The Community Center preserves Clark Lake’s past, and not just because the structure is 120 years old.  The inside walls speak to you of the lakes cultural heritage.  Among the displays are the Eagle Point Hotel sign, the old post office sign, and property plat maps from bygone days.  More Clark Lake artifacts are on the way. 

Marcy Shepherd and her family recently hosted a graduation salute at the Community Center.  In this video, you can see how welcoming this dear cottage is.

Those who wish to rent the Community Center may contact Meredythe Hill VanDusen at (517) 206-9802 or  Additional info is available by clicking here.  

As pointed out earlier this week, the Community Center must undergo renovations.  Rental fees help pay current utilities, but will never take the place of the donations necessary for the anticipated $150,000 cost.     

Take a deep dive into the history of this building through the words of an original occupant.