The Community Center has something in mind for you if you’re looking for a gift that is distinctly Clark Lake.  But you will need to make a quick decision as the small number of items may not be available for long.

The Center invites you to consider wine glasses and decanters that were uniquely designed for their recent wine tasting fundraiser.  Each bears a Clark Lake imprint.  The commemorative wine glasses are $10; and decanters, $50 and may be purchased at Doyles’ on Hyde Road.

Christmas is not that far away!

Also the right parlor, but facing the front. Photo from Nov 2013

The Community Center, decorated for Christmas, in 2013

The building that is now the Clark Lake Community Center was built in 1897 by Benjamin Graziani as a cottage for his family.  For many years it stood  on Kentucky Point.  The Clark Lake community undertook the enormous project of preserving this historical icon in 1997 and moved the cottage on the lake from Kentucky Point to its current location in the County Park at the east end.  Since then it has been the venue for many events-weddings, birthday celebrations, and memorial services.  It also serves as a place to hold meetings.

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