July’s supermoon rose over Clark Lake yesterday evening (Wed 7/13).  Also called Buck Moon, Thunder Moon or Hay Moon, it appeared 6% larger than the average full moon and shone about 16% brighter according to space.com.  And Clark Lakers took advantage of the moment.

A group of kayaks (ladies only) emerged from Pierces Bay. They were joined by more from the North Shore, Kentucky area and HiLo Heights.  The 13 kayaks on July 13th headed around Eagle Point for a good viewing position in the Cove (sometimes known as Hanky Panky Bay).  Josie Hones, one of the kayakers, says “it was worth the wait for the clouds to clear—the bright full, buck moon was a spectacular sight.”  The “buck moon” moniker refers to the time of season when bucks begin growing antlers.  

Josie adds “no picture fully describes the awesome sight of the night.”

This was the third year for the event.  It was inspired by sisters Tricia Boyers and Annette Fink.