Here’s a collection of items, today’s Clark Lake Catchall.  

The section of the Spirit Trail that goes through the Magic Forest is closed during the hunting season.  For your own safety, you will want to observe this sign. 

Have you been thinking that driving around Jackson is a hassle? Wait, there’s more. Starting today the Michigan Department of Transportation says the eastbound exit of I-94 to West Avenue is closed.  This is how the detour works. “Eastbound I-94 traffic heading to US-127/M-50 (West Avenue) will be detoured via eastbound I-94 to the M-106 (Cooper St) interchange, then via westbound I-94 to US-127/M-50 (West Ave).”  All turned around, now?  MDOT predicts a December 6th reopening.  

Daylight time ends at 2 am Sunday when clocks “fall back” one hour.  But you probably knew that.  The good news?  Many clocks now reset themselves.  But then some aren’t that smart, like the stove, microwave,  your great-grandfather’s wristwatch, or human biorhythms. 

Ever wonder if the American or foreign nameplates are winning on area roads?  A survey on Jefferson Road revealed the American brands still dominate at Clark Lake.  The count took place along the Spirit Trail, facing traffic.  Passenger vehicles were counted, but all trucks were excluded.  Here’s the score on Saturday, November 6, during the 11 am hour:  Americans 86%, Foreign 14%.  Adding trucks to the count would likely tilt the outcome in favor of American brands. 

Clark Lake at sunset, Fall 2021.