Christmas is almost here.  So far this season, the ice, in various forms, has come and gone.  As of this day (Saturday, December 20th), the lake is open, and placid.  There was hardly a breeze giving the surface a mirror-lake finish.  But make no mistake–it’s winter with the high temperature around 32 degrees.  That’s apparently just the right combination of characteristics to motivate Sally Lyons.  As you may know, Sally made News and Events early last spring when on another cold day, she performed a handstand on her paddle board.  Given that the lake has already seen ice this season, as last spring, there was a certain consequence for things not going well.  Today’s redux upped the performance by including a Christmas tree! And all went well, in the spirit of the season.

sally and christmas tree ps

Photo taken by Kristina Czyrka

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