Columbia Township Police have a device that tells motorists how fast they are traveling.  Of course, everyone has a speedometer on the dashboard, but this gives an exact number as you pass it.

Police Chief Jay Niles says the sign collects data.  He believes that it will be an aid to public education and traffic safety.  The sign may also reveal problem areas.   When this photo was taken, the sign was on Eagle Point Drive on the newly paved area.  Since then, the sign has been relocated to Hyde Road, another 25 mph zone.

What does the data say about speeds?  The following is a sample from one day – Saturday, July 29.  On that weekend day, 448 vehicles passed by the sign.  At that location on Eagle Point Drive, not one exceeded the speed limit.  This chart shows average speeds for each hour between 7 am and 1 pm.

What were the average speeds by percentage for the entire day?


The chief welcomes input from those who would like the sign posted in their area.  He indicates “there could be a waiting list, but I’d like to hear from residents.”  For the sign to be attached, the fittings must be compatible.