Luminaries lining the shores of Clark Lake.  Photo courtesy of Jill Bentley

Luminaries lining the shores of Clark Lake, July 2014. Photo: Jill Bentley

On the Fourth of July Clark Lake is bathed in a special light.  And it’s because of the Raft-O-Rama committee and people like you that this happens.  The committee is going door to door offering luminaries for your use on the Saturday, July 4th.  Every year, the committee gets closer to achieving the ultimate goal of lining the entire shoreline with the soft glow emitted by luminaries.

The luminaries are small candles placed in specially designed paper bags with sand in the bottom to keep them upright.  They are spread equidistant along the shoreline and lighted at dusk.  And they glow well into the night.

The luminaries come in groups of ten and are available two ways–those that are already made up and ready for your shoreline ($15) and a DIY model where you get the ingredients and assemble them on your own ($10).  The donation funds Raft-O-Rama activities.  This year, activities are expanded to include a professional fireworks displays on Friday, July 31.  The next day features Run Clark Lake.  On Sunday, it’s the Raft-O-Rama and the Lions Club Chicken Broil at Eagle Point.

Below you’ll find info about the luminaries and people you can call in case you weren’t around when the committee member stopped by your place.

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The luminaries come in groups of 10. To left the ready to use version; to the right, the do it yourself version.