Dive Team at Beach & Boat Club

Late evening on July 2, a snowmobile roared around Eagle Point, headed east down the lake, and began turning to the north.  Then something went wrong, and the ride came to an abrupt end with the snowmobile plunging to the bottom in about 25 feet of water.   The Jackson County Sheriff’s Dive Team retrieved the snowmobile on July 13th, floated it to the ramp at the Beach and Boat Club and hauled it to the Sheriffs Department on a truck platform bed. (This website provided a report with more detail on July 14–click here to read the complete story and view photos).

According to Undersheriff Chris Kuhl, the case is still open and the Sheriffs Department has not successfully identified the operator. The undersheriff comments “we did identify the previous registered owner” and notes “the registration was expired.”  Chris Kuhl adds the “prior owner is from Coldwater and sold it some time ago.”  He also says the department has reviewed the statues and “it appears the only relevant violation is probably a reckless operation ticket.” The Sheriffs Department would like to hear from anyone who wishes “to provide us a tip on who the operator was…”.

This incident has been been discussed widely at the lake, and there are opinion as to what should happen.  They fall into two main groups: some think that the rider is a daredevil and should face no consequences; others feel like some sort of punishment is in order.  What’s your opinion?  Weigh in on the latest poll on the main page.