photo 3(8)Nick Molony who was the manager of the Pointe Bar and Grill manager, has left the position.  Tari Korbinski has assumed the role.

photo 1(14)A favorite place when you need something right now is ACO Hardware in Brooklyn.  So when a sign went up that “everything must go”, it triggered the question “are they going out of business?”  It turns out that the ACO will turn into ACE Hardware.  The current inventory reduction will go on for a while.  This ACO branch is one of the most successful in the ACO group. As long as sales are strong, the “inventory blowout” will likely continue for a while.  The switchover to ACE could occur sometime in August.

photo 2(12)Jus’ Bad Food in Brooklyn has closed its doors.  They were located next to ACO Hardware.  Apparently the food was not “bad enough”.