Looking back to January 16, 2018, Clark Lake was treated to an aerial phenomena not often witnessed.  Like animals in the wild that refuse to pose for photographers, this event didn’t either.  Nor did it give warning that it was about to happen.  What you see below is a meteor that lit up the skies over most of Michigan, including Clark Lake, and was captured by the DamCam.  According to reports, the meteor broke up as it hit the atmosphere.  Those in the far southeast part of the state heard a loud boom.

Here it is, thanks to the DamCam.

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Clark Lake is fortunate to have 24/7 video of much of the lake.  No matter where you are in the world, you can see Clark Lake via the DamCam at the east end, and the Spirit Cam, at the west end.  Thanks go out to those who made (and make) these live videos possible—Mike McKay who underwrote the cost of equipment for both, former Police Chief David Elwell for enabling and installing the Spirit Cam, John Collins and the Beach Bar, Columbia Township board, and Chief Jay Niles and the Columbia Township Police Department.



Spirit Cam