doyles psBurglaries are not frequent at Clark Lake, so when an incident occurs, it garners attention.  Such is the case of the burglary reported by Doyle’s Market in December.  According to Doyle’s Judi Kelly, the break in occurred sometime after the 8 pm closing on Tuesday, December 15.  When she opened the store at 8 am the next day, she says it soon became obvious what had occurred.  Some person or persons had broken in and made off with some valuable inventory.  She said that included “about $3000 worth of tobacco products, alcohol, boxes of Duracell batteries, and several bags of returnable cans–and they weren’t neat about it.”

Sgt Jay Niles 2016 01-19

Sgt Jay Niles

Columbia Township Police Chief David Elwell reports the investigation continues. He says “we had initially developed two suspects whom we were able to eliminate”.  There is a third person who has the interest of investigators.  And Chief Elwell comments “we are still seeking leads from the public.”

Judi Kelly says she’s grateful that the incident didn’t put anyone in the store in harms way and that there was no damage.  She is also impressed with the response from law enforcement.  “Within five minutes of my call, Sgt. Jay Niles of the Columbia Township Police Department was at the scene.  A short time later, the Michigan State Police arrived with a K9 unit.”