Clark Lake is getting its own wall—a Donor Wall.  As reported previously on this website, the Donor Wall will feature the names of those who have made monetary contributions to build and maintain the Spirit Trail. The first names to go up on the Wall will be those whose that were imprinted on the Jefferson Road section of the Trail.  Time and weather caused the imprints to fade to the point where most can no longer be seen.  The new Donor Wall is located next to the newer section of the Trail between Rita and Grand Boulevard along North Lake.

Below check out the wall as work has gone forward during the last few days.

  • View from North Lake before the coating was applied
  • View from Spirit Trail, looking toward North Lake. Coating not applied.
  • View from North Lake.
  • View from Spirit Trail, heading east.
  • View from boulder looking toward North Lake.
  • View from North Lake, heading east


The names of donors will be on the side immediately adjacent to the Spirit Trail section.  Cars going by on North Lake will see a “Welcome to Clark Lake” inscription.