When Santa arrived at the Brooklyn Christmas Holiday Parade, he brought with him some North Pole cold.  Last year, it was in the 40s for the parade; this year, it barely pushed 20.  But the Christmas spirit was in the air that warmed the soul and the crowd.  The Clark Lake spirit was also there.  In the parade, Santa’s sleigh was a pontoon raft from Eagle Point Marina, courtesy of the Marina owner, Blair Huff.  Near the end of the video, Santa disembarks from the raft, steps into the Gazebo, and receives a key to the village.  Then comes the countdown for the lighting of the Christmas tree.

The vehicle towing the raft has a special history.  Eagle Point Marina’s Tom McCutchen is the owner.  Tom explains his great uncle served in Korea, as did the truck.  Sgt. Lyon was a machine gunner.  Returning to civilian life, he became a welder and machinist, and was well known for his work in the Jackson area.  He passed away in late 2021.  This truck also participated in Veterans Day at Clark Lake, honoring veterans at intersection of Eagle Point and  Jefferson Road.

Blair Huff and Tom McCutchen at the Parade