Clark Lake’s day began grey and rainy.  Add in some anxiety inducing news from the media, and we’re due for an uplift.  So, step in for some sunset refreshment from the night before.   

Tuesday evening proved to be another opportunity to take in the serenity that Clark Lake can offer.  With ice off the lake and a quiet evening approaching, the moment was special. 

If you weren’t at the lake, or missed the sunset, you can revisit it vicariously with these photos.  The photos are in order in this slide show, starting earlier and going to later.  There is a close up of an “L” like design that appeared at one point. 


Saint Patrick’s day is not far off.  So, what recently appeared on the Sign?

In May, the Sign will undergo the promised transformation.  With the help of Photoshop, here’s what to expect on your future drive around the lake as you make the curve on North Lake Road.  

To learn more about Sign Up for the Sign, and the progress underway, please click here

Photos: Rick Belcher