The Clark Lake Garden Angels bring out the best nature has to offer.  During the season, just take a look around the Community Center, and the Triangle where North Lake and Ocean Beach Roads meet. 

Garden Angels

An ongoing challenge is watering the plants on the Triangle.  To quench the thirst of the plants, the Garden Angels stretch hose across that busy curve and water each one individually.  It’s hazardous duty, given the traffic rounding that corner. 

  • Hose coiled on fence
  • Hose is stretched from the fence to the garden


A solution is at hand.  It’s in the form of a new irrigation system.  A construction team will bore under the road and install a feed line to the garden.  The feed will link to a permanently positioned sprinkler array in the Triangle.  That reduces the risk of manipulating the hose across the busy road and also make it easier to refresh the plants more frequently. 

The installation does not come without costs.  With contributions made to the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, the Foundation is funding the venture.  When it comes to benefiting our community, the people of Clark Lake are generous.  You can make a tax-advantaged contribution to the Foundation at anytime via this website.

Check out more of the Garden Angels’ work from this spring, below:


Hear the Garden Angels tell their story, in their own words.

Photos, video and story:  Rick Belcher