Boyers and Omo on Trail ps 2015 05-06

Bret Boyers and Dan Omo

Every year, volunteers who love the Clark Lake Spirit Trail combine forces to sweep away the ravages of what winter has left behind.  This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday, March 26.  Would you like to help?  Meet at the County Park (east end of the lake) at 9 am.  Dan Omo is organizing the clean up.  Volunteers will spread out along various locations as the trail circles the lake.  The clean up crew invites you to bring rakes, brooms bags, and your energy.

In the past, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to clear debris and otherwise manicure sites on their own.  This is always helpful, too!

Trail 2015 05-30

Major repairs were made to the section near the Post Office in 2015

The Clark Lake Spirit Trail makes it possible for runners, walkers, and cyclists to circle the lake and take in the natural beauty along the way.  This didn’t happen without large monetary contributions and lots of hard work.  Maintenance and improvements are an outcome of this activity.

In 2015, major reconstruction was necessary to the section adjacent to, and behind the Post Office on Hyde Road.  Years of freezing and thawing destroyed the integrity of the surface.  Once the asphalt was removed, the foundation was found to be spongy.  It was necessary to install drains to eliminate excess water and to prevent a repeat performance.

In 2014, a new section of the Trail was built between Rita and Grand Boulevard at the east end.  This allowed users to avoid traffic on that curve (scroll down for a photo).

Clark Lake Spirit Trail progress speaks for itself.  And you are invited to be part of it!

Spirit Trail cut through

This section links Sandy Beach to South Woodlands. It’s one of the areas that will need a clean up.

Trail extension paved

This photo shows the new section of the Trail created in 2014 between Rita and Grand Blvd