Brandi Ligibel captured two remarkable scenes during Clark Lake’s recent rainforest days.  The sunset (above) is from Sunday night.  Notice the amazing effect as the sunset reflects on the lake and the light plays over the rolling of the waves.  It brings to mind that you don’t understand sunsets until you live on the water!

This second photo (below) was taken this afternoon and the subject is an unusual candidate–a puddle of water!  It takes curiosity and a focus on detail to think of finding beauty in a puddle, but Brandi has done it.

This leads to another thought.  What music would enhance this particular Clark Lake experience?  If there weren’t copyright issues, the music you would be hearing right now is Schubert’s Piano Quintet in A Major, also known as “The Trout.”  It’s been described as the ultimate “feel good” piece with “rippling, dancing rhythms.” (You may be able to find a version on YouTube and listen for free).  Check it out and see if it doesn’t connect with the Clark Lake that we see in these two photos.

puddle Brandi 2015 06-15 ps cropped

Photos: Brandi Ligibel