As viewers of this website know, the annual Clark Lake Cup hockey game scheduled for today (Sat 2/3) was cancelled.  Why? The ice wasn’t up to it, but the participants and their entourage certainly were.  The West vs East end game (Eagle Point or Narrows vs Almeda Court) draws people from their winter locations all over the country.  Some concentrate their time at the lake during the summer, but for this event, they also make a winter appearance.

Last night players and the fans met at the Beach Bar.  It won’t end with that.  Look for the group hanging out at the tennis courts along Eagle Point Drive around 1 pm.

From last years coverage, here are the Almeda Court players.

Also from 2023, here are the Eagle Point  players.

And the happy smiling faces standing on ice that held up well last year.

Relive the thrill of last year’s match in this video.

Last year’s freeze frames.