Users of the Spirit Trail will come across a slight detour the next few days.  Asphalt repaving is taking place at the Oakwood and South Woodland cut-through.  As you can see in the photos, users should step or ride carefully around the yellow tape.

John Calhoun and neighbor Dave Sayers are commissioning work that includes driveway repaving, all of which should be completed by the end of the week. 

The two Spirit Trail cut-throughs along the south shore of the west end mean a great deal to users of the Spirit Trail.  Runners, walkers and cyclists zip from one section to another while avoiding close encounters with Jefferson Road.   

We can thank John Calhoun for allowing the bricked cut-through to pass over his property, and for paying for the repaving that affects the Spirit Trail.  You can also watch the Clark Lake Spirit in action each spring, fall and summer, when you see John maintaining the landscaping around it.  

Heading west through cut-through. 

Below is a photo taken several years ago of the cut-through joining Sandy Beach and South Woodland.  

Photo of the same perspective taken June 6, 2021